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The aim of Scouting NZ is to encourage the mental, physical and spiritual development of its membership (both youth and adult).This leaves a very wide scope for delivering an exciting programme.

We are fortunate enough to be blessed with a geography and lifestyle in this country that is well suited to water activities and it is in this environment that Sea Scouting thrives. The Sea Scouts are a branch of Scouting NZ and use the maritime environment to deliver a range of water based activities to provide a safe, fun, challenging and adventurous programme in which to develop important life skills.

While much of the activity is based around the maritime environment, most Sea Scout groups still do a full range of the traditional land activities based around camping and tramping and the resulting programme tends to be full and varied.

While the Sea Scout programme varies between groups and around the country depending on skills and resources available, it tends to follow a similar structure, much of which is based around a progressive badge scheme, local and national regattas and relationships with local boating clubs and associated maritime industry.

Excerpt from 'Sea Scouting - An Overview' by Andrew Stevens

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